Merchant Tradings is started by Samarth Kolhe, to teach the art of trading that lays the foundation and details everything you need to know in order to trade successfully. Merchant Tradings has 1000+ students from all over the world, learning and earning through trading. Our priority is to create profitable traders in the upcoming future. We share knowledge and insights to everyone willing to benefit from trading. So, come along to learn and earn with the simplicity of being a consistent and profitable trader.


Let your money work for you. Many people have money but don’t have the skills or knowledge to invest.

He made first trade at the age of 18 - the real life of the financial genius began. Samarth's story is the type of stuff for trading legends that can still fire the engines of aspiring traders today.  He was fascinated by the idea of technical analysis, price action, candlestick psychology and short time frame trading.

Samarth was already sharing his knowledge with other traders. He was a natural-born instructor.

He has been determined and willing to do what it takes to become successful. Hence, there is no doubt that he could be a role model for those who wish to be successful in their lives. There’s an adage that says, where there’s a will there’s a way and he could perhaps be a living testimony to this adage.

He made a choice that most people likely would have deemed as being rash. This young man demonstrated a lot of bravery and determination that most people his age do not display.

His actions are based on the principle that nothing can be gained if one never dares to move forward in taking a risk.

He is a product of the immense power of mentorship. Mentorship works because it helps us to cut short our learning curve.

Do you have the desire to achieve mega-success? If your answer is a categorical yes, the battle is half-won because a good mentor can point you in the right direction to get the best knowledge and take immediate action.

Start your journey today. When you do, I’ll guarantee you one thing: within a short time of seemingly not changing anything, you will end up changing everything.

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Walk On The Track Of Success Like Time, don't stop & don't run.

-Samarth Kolhe

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Legal Risk Discloser:

Trading foreign exchanges contain a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all the traders. Trading in foreign exchanges you should be considering the investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. If you are new to the investment objective your initial investment could sustain a loss and therefore not to invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Be aware of market risk and seek for the financial advisor.

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