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Merchant Tradings is started to teach art of trading. We have students more than 23000 from all over the world. We provide detail courses on trading at low cost/free. Our motto is to create profitable traders who learned trading without investing lacs of rupees in courses, rather we save make fixed deposit and withdraw the money when you have successful strikes of winning for month consistently.


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Hello Traders, I am Samarth Kolhe

I am a Computer Engineer & a professional trader. I have created an indicator and bots for trading.

When I started with my trading journey I was attracted to youtube videos, which were strategies based on lagging indicators like RSI, moving average, parabolic SAR and much more. I was fascinated with all these indicators. While watching on youtube it was looking very easy to place the trade but when I use to go on the live market I was making a loss. I learned all strategies of trading on this indicator, but I never got success or we can consistently winning ratio in it. Reading books was a passion, so I founded out strategies from books as well but didn't work for me. I was having lots of market enemies with me like fear, hope, regret and much more. I was not having control over my emotions nor the trading plan.

Then after some time, I thought of doing research and finding something which will help me in 360 direction- to control emotions, to follow rules, to place less no. of trades & mainly trades which I take should be high probability trades.

So I started trading with price action, and price action trading I started first in Binary Option using quaternary rules. Then I started trading in Indian Stocks & Forex. Trading with price action defeated all trading enemies. I am trading with price action for more than 3 years.

We have formed a company called Merchant Tradings- here we are only going to provide a trading strategy based on pure price action.

The course we provide will be highly beneficial for new beginner traders, if they are going to focus only on price action trading they can get proper & high probability trade analysis within 2-3 months. But you just need to decide now that are you a trader to trade with an indicator or with price action. Don't jumble both the trading ways, choose one way of trading and focus on that only.

At end of each course, I have written "Success Is Near", which means anyone can be successful if you put effort into it. Efforts, hard work and dedication toward work lead to a path to success.

I will make sure each and every student will get proper knowledge.


My actions are based on the principle that nothing can be gained if one never dares to move forward in taking a risk.

Knowledge will never get in vain it will remain with you, with the power of knowledge you have to earn.

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