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Iq option vs Olymp trade - which one is better?

IQ options is better than the Olymp trade. IQ options contain special features than Olymp trade.

1) Earn without investment.

In IQ options platform provides tournament, join free tournaments and rank your positions and achieve the target to come at top 20 position and earn 100-200 without any investment. We can practice in tournament matches rather than practising in the practice account. Olymp-trade lack this feature.

2) 30+ indicators

IQ option provides more than 30+ indicators and Olymp trade provides only less than 15 indicators. IQ options is best.

3) Security

Better security is provided by IQ option, and it follows its terms and conditions strictly.

4) Candlestick Analysis

Candlestick formed by IQ options is perfect for analysis the candlestick psychology. If you compare IQ option candlestick with any MetaTrader it matches, but if you will see with the Olymp trade it's not going to match at any point of instance.

5) Round Numbers

IQ option provides the analysis of the round number and it helps a lot for analysing the reversal entry points.

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