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Merchant Economic Calendar | July 15, 2020

The market can be highly volatile during New York and London overlap due to USD and CAD currency events.


USD- HIGHLY VOLATILE due to Export Price Index (MoM) (Jun), the Export Price Index (YoY), Import Price Index (YoY), Import Price Index (MoM) (Jun), NY Empire State Manufacturing Index (Jul), Capacity Utilization Rate (Jun), Industrial Production (YoY) (Jun), Industrial Production (MoM) (Jun), Manufacturing Production (MoM) (Jun), Seevol Cushing Storage Report, Crude Oil Inventories, Crude Oil Inventories, Crude Oil Imports, Cushing Crude Oil Inventories, Distillate Fuel Production, EIA Weekly Distillates Stocks, Gasoline Production, Heating Oil Stockpiles, Gasoline Inventories.

CAD- HIGHLY VOLATILE due to BoC Monetary Policy Report, BoC Rate Statement, BoC Interest Rate Decision.

Currency Pairs to trade:-

eur/jpy, gbp/jpy, eur/aud, gbp/aud, eur/chf, gbp/chf.

Economic Calendar- Link Market Hours - Link Learn more and earn more - Click here For the better currency pairs updates be in touch with the telegram group. Telegram- @merchanttradinggroup Legal Disclaimer: The Authors, or any Party Related to this Course or it's Contents, Will not be Responsible for Any kind of Loss to anyone in any way, due to this course.

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